Facts about the Esco Medical CultureCoin®
While it is true that the embryo culture medium is one crucial factor that might affect the outcome of any given cycle in IVF laboratories, some other factors including pipette tips, holding tube, and of course the culture dish which holds the medium and the embryos, play a major role in ensuring the success of embryo development.
The CultureCoin® is a sterile, single-use culture vessel, developed specifically for IVF use. It is intended for preparing, storing and transferring human embryos and is used only with MIRI® TL devices. 
Here is a quick anatomy of this vessel.

Do you know how to use it? 
Here is a quick guide on how to use the Esco Medical CultureCoin®:
1. Both the lid and the dish should be unpacked in an aseptic environment.
2. Leave the dishes covered in the aseptic environment for 12 hours for off-gassing. 
3. Prior to filling with media, warm the dishes on a heated stage or incubator. 
4. In the aseptic environment, fill all the wells with app. 25 µl of pre-cultured equilibrated culture media. Filling the washing wells is optional. They may contain app. 23 µl each.  
5. Check under a microscope for any visible air bubbles and remove them with a stripper tip.

6. Fill the oil area with a confluent layer of suitable mineral or paraffin oil in a way that it would cover the culture media. Do not overfill. 
7. Put the lid on the dish and leave it in the CO2 incubator for 4 hours to equilibrate. 
8. After equilibration, check the culture wells for air bubbles. Remove any bubbles with a stripper tip.
9. Load embryos in the wells. Make sure the embryos are located very precisely in the centre of the culturing well and not on the side slope.
10. Optionally fill the pH reservoir and insert the silicone plug.
11. Incubate the CultureCoins® in MIRI® TL. 
Watch a video on how the CultureCoin® is prepared.