Mini MIRI® Incubators

Built on the sturdy and dependable MIRI® architecture by Esco Medical, the Mini MIRI® Incubator offers a consistent culture environment. Direct heat regulation in the compact design aids in preventing vapor condensation, enables faster temperature and gas recovery, and overall provides better and a more precise temperature uniformity.

Embryo Culture

For Embryo Culture

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Mini MIRI® Dry and Mini MIRI® Humidity

To meet the environmental needs of your culture, Mini MIRI is available in two variations.

Mini MIRI® Dry and Mini MIRI® Humidity

Mini MIRI® Dry

The standard MIRI Multiroom incubator is the model for the Mini MIRI® Dry Incubator, which includes two chambers. For IVF laboratories that value economy and footprint, this little version of the MIRI® is ideal.

Mini MIRI® Dry Incubator
Mini MIRI® Humidity Incubator

Mini MIRI® Humidity

The Mini MIRI® Humidity is a variation of a humidified incubator. It is a benchtop incubator built using the dependable and robust MIRI design. The compact design's direct heat also helps minimize vapor condensation and enables quicker temperature and gas recovery.

Superior Incubation Environment

The temperature parameters in each of the Mini MIRI®'s two independent chambers can be individually controlled. This is perfect because it prevents any interference, such as a temperature drop caused by opening the lid of one chamber, from affecting the other.

Furthermore, there is no heat crossing from adjacent chambers, making calibration much simpler. There are a total of 4 temperature-controlled places on the Mini MIRI®. That equals two points for each chamber, one on the heated lid and one on the bottom. Another fantastic feature of the Mini MIRI® is its heated lid, which improves temperature consistency.

Fast Recovery

Utilizing multiroom incubators has several benefits. The quick recovery of temperature and gas characteristics after opening a chamber is a significant advantage.

Fast recovery - gas
Fast recovery - temperature
The Little Details Count

The Little Details Count

IVF professionals deal with priceless, delicate embryos, and frequently, even the slightest details have a big impact. The Mini MIRI® 's LED display makes it easier to see from a distance. Additionally, the glass lid tops can be written on while serving as chamber insulators, which is a very helpful feature for organizing.

Built-In Gas Mixer

The built-in gas mixer enables the introduction of pure gasses and accurate control of the gas phase composition inside the chambers. The required gas input can be changed with it.

Built-In Gas Mixer

Stress-free Continuous External Validation

The basic circuitry is fully independent of the built-in PT 1000 Temperature Sensors. Similar gas sampling ports are supplied for each of the two independent chambers. The Mini MIRI® Dry can be connected to an external device, such as the Esco MIRI® GA, for external validation on gas and temperature validation.

User-friendly and Full-Featured
User-friendly and Full-Featured

User-friendly and Full-Featured

The Mini MIRI® has a control panel, display, and data logging software loaded. It is fully equipped and easy to use. The Mini MIRI® can be connected through USB to feature-rich, simple-to-use data logging software that is loaded on any common PC. One computer can control and connect to multiple machines. It is convenient to observe all of the machine's real-time parameters because all parameters are displayed in full. These consist of the temperature of each monitored temperature and gas concentration point, as well as the set points for all gas input pressures and flow rates. The data logger records the machine's performance information while it is used. Graphs can be used to display them. These graphs are available for viewing that show all machine performance information, including alerts. Weekly reports are also generated automatically by the data logger, making it more user-friendly. Histories of any alarm events are logged as well.

Recirculating Gas for Minimal Gas Consumption

In contrast to conventional humidified IVF incubators, the Mini MIRI® Dry Incubator is a dry benchtop incubator for IVF that can recirculate gas inside the incubator. Before entering the incubation chambers, gas inserts (whether pure N2 and CO2 or premixed gas) first pass through the tri-gas mixing chamber to reach the user-set CO2 and O2 gas concentrations. With the help of this technology, the incubator chambers' lids can be opened with the least amount of gas consumption, and the recirculating air is kept clean and secure for the embryo samples.
The Mini MIRI® Humidity Incubator, on the other hand, uses either premixed gasses or pure gas (N2 and CO2) inserts that pass through a tri-gas mixing chamber in order to produce correct gas concentrations before entering the incubator chambers. This gas then circulates and passes through the gas mixing chamber once more, which reduces gas usage.

Recirculating Gas for Minimal Gas Consumption

Data Logger Software

A data logger program that tracks temperature, gas concentration, gas input pressure, gas flow rates, and alerts is included with the Mini MIRI® Dry and Mini MIRI® Humidity Incubator. When the Mini MIRI® is linked to a PC, all real-time information may be simply seen in graphs, and the data logger software can simultaneously track numerous incubators. Users can export weekly reports for their convenience.

data logger software
data logger software alarm
data logger software temperature
Heated Lid

Heated Lid

  • Prevents condensation
  • Enhances temperature regulation and recovery
  • Excellent uniformity between the top and the bottom
  • Accuracy: ± 0.2 ºC
  • Uniformity: ± 0.2 ºC

Direct Heat Transfer

  • Provides superior temperature stability.
  • Less than one (1) minute of temperature recovery

Ergonomic Rotatory Key

The menu can be accessed, settings can be changed, and parameter values can be adjusted with the Rotatory Key.

Ergonomic Rotatory Key

Dual Chamber System

The best system is one with two chambers since any disruption, such as a temperature dip after opening the lid, has no effect on the other chambers. Additionally, calibration is significantly easier because there is no heat crossing from adjacent chambers.


Heating Optimization Plates

Each chamber has a heating optimization plate to assist heat transfer to the embryo culture dishes. It contains replaceable inserts for simple cleaning that fit a range of dish sizes:

 4 x Falcon® ⌀ 50/60 mm

4 x Falcon® ⌀ 50/60 mm
8 x Falcon® ⌀ 35 mm

4 x Nunc 54/60 mm

4 x Nunc™ ⌀ 54/60 mm
8 x Nunc™ ⌀ 35 mm

4 x Vitrolife Dishes

4 x Vitrolife Dishes

4 x LifeGlobal GPS Dishes

4 x LifeGlobal® GPS Dishes

SparMED Oosafe 4-well Dishes

4 x SparMED Oosafe® 4-well Dishes
4x SparMED Oosafe ⌀ 55/60 mm
8x SparMED Oosafe ⌀ 35 mm

SAFE Sens Continuous pH Monitoring

The Mini MIRI® is a rapid, accurate, and non-intrusive continuous pH monitoring device for in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. An integrated SAFE Sens technology can be equipped. The SAFE Sens technology accurately and reliably measures the pH of small volumes of fluids, such as the medium used in IVF, by combining disposable sensors with optical fluorescent measurement technology.

SAFE Sens Continuous pH Monitoring


Specifications Mini MIRI® Dry Mini MIRI® Humidity
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H) 525 x 420 x 220 mm (20.7 x 16.5 x 8.7") 525 x 420 x 220 mm (20.7 x 16.5 x 8.7")
Weight 22 kg 22 kg
Power Supply 115 VAC or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz 115 VAC or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 160 W 160 W
Temperature Control Range 25- 40 °C 25- 40 °C
N2 Gas Consumption <8 L/hr <12 L/hr
CO2 Gas Consumption <2 L/hr <4 L/hr
Gas Pressure 0.4 to 0.6 bar (5.80 - 8.70 PSI) 0.4 to 0.6 bar (5.80 - 8.70 PSI)
Shipping Weight 30 kg 30 kg
Shipping Dimensions 700 x 600 x 460 mm (27.6 x 23.6 x 18.1") 700 x 600 x 460 mm (27.6 x 23.6 x 18.1")

Ordering Information

Item Code Model Code Description
Mini MIRI® Dry Incubator
2070143 MRI-MINI-D-8 Mini MIRI® Dry, without Humidification, 230V, 50/60Hz
2070144 MRI-MINI-D-9 Mini MIRI® Dry, without Humidification, 115V, 50/60Hz
2070145 MRI-MINI-SS-D-8 Mini MIRI® Dry with SAFE Sens for pH monitoring, 230V, 50/60 Hz
2070146 MRI-MINI-SS-D-9 Mini MIRI® Dry with SAFE Sens for pH monitoring, 115V, 50/60 Hz
Mini MIRI® Humidity Incubator
2070155 MRI-MINI-H-8 Mini MIRI® Humidity, 230V, 50/60Hz
2070156 MRI-MINI-H-9 Mini MIRI® Humidity, 115V, 50/60Hz
2070157 MRI-MINI-H-SS-8 Mini MIRI® Humidity with SAFE Sens for pH monitoring, 230V, 50/60 Hz
2070158 MRI-MINI-H-SS-9 Mini MIRI® Humidity with SAFE Sens for pH monitoring, 115V, 50/60 Hz
1081277 MRA-SS-SV2 SAFE Sens SV2 Sensor, Pack of 10 pieces (shelf-life 12 months)
1081278 MRA-SS-QC2 SAFE Sens QC2 Alignment Tool
1320191 MRA-SS-TS SAFE Sens TrakStation, a tablet with SAFE Sens Software, for pH monitoring.
1320003 MRA-FD Insert for Falcon® Dishes
1320004 MRA-ND Insert for Nunc™ Dishes
1320070 MRA-VD Insert for Vitrolife Dishes
1320099 MRA-NID Insert for Nipro™ Dishes
1320100 MRA-LD Insert for LifeGlobal® GPS Dishes
1320101 MRA-PD Insert Without Footprint for Plain Dishes
1320118 MRA-OD Insert for SparMED Oosafe®
1320219 MRA-FD-SS Insert for Falcon® Dishes, with hole for SAFE Sens
1320220 MRA-ND-SS Insert for Nunc™ Dishes, with hole for SAFE Sens
1320221 MRA-VD-SS Insert for Vitrolife Dishes, with hole for SAFE Sens
1320222 MRA-NID-SS Insert for Nipro™ Dishes, with hole for SAFE Sens
1320223 MRA-LD-SS Insert for LifeGlobal® GPS Dishes, with hole for SAFE Sens
1320224 MRA-PD-SS Insert Without Footprint for Plain Dishes, with hole for SAFE Sens
1320225 MRA-OD-SS Insert for SparMED Oosafe®, with hole for SAFE Sens

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