MIRI® Evidence RFID Traceability System

MIRI® Evidence is redefining the way traceability in laboratory procedures is managed and stored in fertility clinics, eliminating errors, preventing system mix-ups, saving time, and helping clinics to comply with regulations. This IVF traceability tool provides a single, secure platform that ensures all patients are scheduled on time and documented properly - saving time and improving outcomes across the board.

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The ultimate traceability tool for fertility clinics

The MIRI® Evidence RFID Traceability System provides a way to improve patient scheduling and documentation procedures, refining both clinical and administrative processes in a fertility clinic. Upcoming tasks or procedures are arranged and scheduled as soon as the patient/couple has completed the consultation stage and is ready to begin the treatment. Any changes made to the patient’s treatment in the system will start a concurrent update on the remaining scheduled tasks/procedures accordingly. If data is missing, a task or to-do list will be automatically created for the person or the group responsible for maintaining such information, therefore ensuring all the necessary data are taken for a cycle.


The readers used in the MIRI® Evidence system are 2D code imagers with no laser from a market-leading supplier and are specifically made for the healthcare field. The reader can be used to scan a patient's wristband, capturing images that provide real-time evidence to verify the patient's identity. The reader uses RFID-based technology used to scan the dishes and tubes. The journey of the gamete or embryo from one dish to another is well documented by the system.

Efficient Workflow

The MIRI® Evidence workflow offers tools to enhance scheduling and documentation procedures, improving both clinical and administrative workflow within the fertility clinic. Once a patient’s workflow has been initiated upon final consultation with the doctor, the system will automatically assign the tasks/procedures to be taken accordingly.

Hybrid Label

MIRI® Evidence uses an intuitive labelling system for all printed labels, incorporating three elements: human-readable font, universal Data Matrix code, and RFID tags.


MIRI® Evidence as a traceability tool has been designed to improve IVF laboratory compliance with the EDQM guideline and the EU regulations. The workflow and tracking system will provide a hand to the fertility clinic in documentation purposes of all the procedures taken and to be in the laboratory as well as to track the documentation happening in the office. This allows the facility to save time and minimize the need for double manual witnessing.

Mix-up Prevention

Oocytes, embryos, and sperm samples are verified and recorded as identity matches when transferring through the devices, eliminating the need for a human double-witnessing. The verification guarantees that the correct sample is being processed and handled at all times, preventing any accident from occurring due to accidental mismatches or mix-ups.

Trouble-free System Integration

MIRI® Evidence can surely be integrated into other systems of the IVF facility ensuring that all information is meticulously exchanged. The information being exchanged begins with the patient’s demographic data and further into the financial input/output, image transfers, and laboratory results. The MIRI® Evidence, to further enhance the traceability function, also allows for the ovum pick up, ICSI, or embryo transfer to be monitored through a tablet or a display within the operation theater over a live video feed.


The MIRI® Evidence can be retrofitted to existing equipment. There is no need to replace or do customizations on the tabletop of your workstations. Our RFID pole reader is compatible with mostly all available workstations in the market. Aside from that, an incubator monitor can be designated to display whose embryo has been assigned to which specific chamber of the incubator. The monitor is compatible with various kinds of embryo culture incubators on the market.

Chain of Custody

As an electronic traceability system, MIRI® Evidence is capable of visualizing the full-blown chain of custody for a specific gamete or embryo, from the initiation of the cycle until the final act. The chain of custody includes all of the utensils and lot numbers that have been used throughout the cycle, denoting that all of the utensils that have been in contact with the embryo or gametes are documented.


All documented information is automatically enumerated with a consecutive number and displayed on a table. The full chain of custody can be easily viewed by expanding the table. The data parameter includes the time of the procedure, the staff in charge or the doctor in charge, the type of procedure action, the utensil used, the location, and more. More parameters can be seen in the chain of custody by expanding the table of a specific patient.

Clinical application

Under clinical application, an overview of all the embryo transfers (ETs) and intrauterine inseminations (IUIs) performed by the clinic can be displayed. The table will show the chain of custody, the catheter lot used for the ET, the staff or doctor who performed the action, and the clinical outcome. 

Streamlining Preparation

Once an ovum pickup (OPU) has been scheduled, MIRI® Evidence, as the traceability tool, will continue generating preparation tasks for the dishes, tubes, and straws. The timing of the preparation takes medium equilibration time into account. During the preparation of the utensils, labels will be printed out, and the lot batches will be registered. Once the preparation task has been completed, you must click once to check which utensil lot was used or being in contact with a certain embryo.

MIRI® Evidence runs on desktop PCs and tablets connected to the server. The dedicated workspaces will guide you safely through timed processes. Once you scan the tube or dish, MIRI® Evidence will present the relevant options based on the previously performed steps. The readers work independently of the workstations and tablets allow you to bring the wireless reader between the workstations. MIRI® Evidence is designed as a native touch application.

To Do Worklist

Through this feature, all tasks and upcoming procedures are well arranged and divided by date. Each task will have detailed information on the specific incubator location and the number of oocytes to be handled. Tasks that have been delayed or are not yet to be acted upon will be automatically highlighted by the MIRI® Evidence system to gently remind the staff responsible for the task.

Cryo Straw Validation

cyro preservation
At the vitrification workspace, you can securely label straws. The label contains information about the gamete or embryo through human-readable clinic code, name, date and content description, and the barcode unique to the specific gamete or embryo. 


The technology behind MIRI® Evidence lies in its barcode and RFID-based witnessing and traceability system which had been developed specifically for the application inside an IVF laboratory or fertility clinic to eliminate the likelihood of errors during a cycle. Documentation is kept secured and traceability keeps a record of the journey of the gamete or embryo.

MIRI® Evidence once implemented inside a fertility clinic or an IVF lab will provide the witnessing ability throughout all the procedures of one cycle starting from:

  • Dishes and tubes labeling
  • OPU
  • Male patient admission and sperm preparation
  • Transfer of gametes or embryos between dishes
  • Embryo transfer
  • Insemination
  • Cryo-preservation purposes, thawing and freezing
  • Disposal or transport of gametes or embryos
MIRI® Evidence aside from performing as a traceability tool within the clinic or IVF laboratory also offers the facility a better approach to workflow efficiency and to comply with the regulations. MIRI® Evidence makes sure that IVF or fertility clinic is always on track, understanding that the gametes and embryos are always kept secured and handled correctly at all times. Furthermore, providing a sense of confidence in the staff working on them and a sense of ease by the patient, knowing that their gamete and/or embryo is safely managed by means of the use of an electronic traceability system implemented in the fertility clinic.

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