MIRI® Humidity Multiroom Incubator

The MIRI® Humidity is a six chamber multiroom benchtop incubator that provides a humidified environment for embryo culture. The robust design enables for quick temperature and gas recovery for optimal embryo culture while preventing vapor condensation.

Embryo Culture

For Embryo Culture


Six (6) completely independent chambers

Superior gas system

Heated lid

Fast temperature and gas recovery

LED display

Optimized heating plates

Easy external validation

MIRI® Data Logger

Humidified environment for embryos

Continuous pH monitoring

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Parts of the MIRI® Humidity Multiroom Incubator

Parts of MIRI Humidity

Superior Incubation for your Samples

The Esco MIRI® Humidity Multiroom incubator is the best option for securing embryos in your IVF laboratory. With its six (6) independent chambers, not only does it provide embryologists a bigger capacity to accommodate more embryos. It also ensures that environmental parameters are maintained even when the neighboring chambers are opened. It also gives the best temperature recovery, accuracy, and uniformity in the IVF incubator market with its heated lid design. This feature ensures that temperature given to your embryos are not only sourced from the bottom of the dish but is also given on the top with a set point of 37.2 °C to ensure that exactly 37.0 °C is given to your samples at the embryo level while providing a humidified environment.

Cost-effective and Flexibility

The Esco MIRI® Humidity Multiroom incubator gives you the option to use pure N2 and CO2 gases which are cheaper than premixed gases and recirculates these gases giving you the best value for money. This also gives you the flexibility to change your gas concentration when you want to optimize embryo culture protocols in your laboratory with just a click of a button. The MIRI® Humidity Multiroom incubator is also compatible with the most common brands of culture dishes in the market with the corresponding capacity per incubator chamber below.

Total Capacity

Heating plates customized for several types of dishes:

  • 4 x Falcon® ⌀ 50/60 mm
  • 8 x Falcon® ⌀ 35 mm
  • 4 x Nunc™ ⌀ 54/60 mm
  • 8 x Nunc™ ⌀ 35 mm
  • 4 x VitrolifeDishes
  • 4 x LifeGlobal® GPS Dishes
  • 4 x Nipro™
  • 4 x SparMED Oosafe® 4-well Dishes
  • 4x SparMED Oosafe ⌀ 55/60 mm
  • 8x SparMED Oosafe ⌀ 35 mm

Ordering Operation

MIRI® Humidity Multiroom Incubator
Item Code Model Code Description
2070183 MRI-6A10-H-8 MIRI® Humidity 6 Chamber, 230V
2070184 MRI-6A10-H-9 MIRI® Humidity 6 Chamber, 115V
2070185 MRI-6A10-H-SS-8 MIRI® Humidity 6 Chamber with SAFE Sens for pH monitoring, 230V
2070186 MRI-6A10-H-SS-9 MIRI® Humidity 6 Chamber with SAFE Sens for pH monitoring, 115V

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