MIRI® II-12 Multiroom Incubator

The Esco Medical MIRI® II-12 Multiroom Incubator is intended to be used to provide a stable culture environment at or near body temperature and CO2 and N2 gasses for the development of gametes and embryos during In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) treatments.

Embryo Culture

For Embryo Culture


One Chamber - One Patient

Superior gas system

Heated lid and heated bottom

Fast temperature and gas recovery

Touchscreen PC

Stress-free validation of chamber parameters

Full-featured data logging software

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MIRI® II-12 Multiroom Incubator

MIRI® II-12 Multiroom Incubator

To ensure maximum performance and an environment with the least amount of stress for embryos, the Esco MIRI® II-12 Multiroom Incubator dedicates one chamber for each patient and has 24 completely separate PID temperature controllers.

The chambers are separate from one another and do not affect each other's temperatures in any way. There is no effect on the remainder of the system from any disruption in one chamber, such as a temperature reduction after opening the lid. The temperature in the culture chambers and the lids can be controlled and regulated as well. The top and the bottom of each chambers are separated with a PET layer so that the lid temperature would not affect the bottom.

For validation purposes, each compartment has a PT-1000 sensor built-in. The circuitry is separated from the unit's electronics, so it remains a truly separate validation system.

The incubator needs 100% CO2 and 100% N2 to control the CO2 and O2 concentrations in the culture chambers. A dual-beam infra-red CO2 sensor with extremely low drift rates controls the CO2 levels. On the other hand, a chemical, medical-grade oxygen sensor controls the levels of the O2 in the system.

Gas recovery time is less than 3 minutes after opening the lid. The MIRI® II-12 incubator is fitted with 12 gas sample ports that allow the user to validate gas concentration by sampling gas from the individual compartment.

The incubator also features a recirculated gas system where gas is continuously put into the compartment and taken out at the same rate. Gas is cleaned via a 254 nm UVC light with direct gas contact between the bulb and gas. The UVC light has filters that inhibit any 185 nm radiation that would produce dangerous ozone. The filters are located under the UVC light. The complete gas repletion in the system takes less than 5 minutes.

Recirculating Gas for Minimal Gas Consumption

The high performance CO2 and O2 sensors and built-in gas mixer enable precise adjustment of the gas phase composition and environment within the chambers.

Pure gas is used with the MIRI® II-12. Incubator steady-state gas condition can be reached when 100% CO2 and N2 are used. This is crucial because it will maintain the pH during embryo development.

The incubator has a complete gas control system that consists of the following:

  1. Pressure regulator (preventing dangerous gas pressure problems)
  2. Gas flow sensors (actual consumption can be accumulated)
  3. Gas pressure sensors (allows the user to know the pressure and the variation can be logged to avoid dangerous conditions)
  4. Gas filters (to prevent valve problems)

Petri dish location: Found in a compartment that is easy to reach and safe because of the compartment numbering and the ability to write on the white lid with a pen.

The software: It runs on the built-in touchscreen in MIRI® II-12 version. The software contains logging functions for long-term data logging and storage.

USB module: This enables the quality control data to be transferred for off-site evaluation. The performance of such allows the manufacturer to provide a valuable service to the customers.

A pH sensor port: The user can plug any standard BNC pH probe into the unit and measure the pH in the samples at will.

Parts of the MIRI® II-12 Multiroom Incubator

Parts of the MIRI® II Multiroom Incubator
MIRI 2 heated lid

Heated Lid

Prevents condensation, enhances consistency throughout each chamber, and improves temperature regulation and recovery.

Heated Bottom

Allows for reliable temperature regulation by providing direct heat transfer to the culture dishes.

MIRI 2 heated bottoms
Built-in pH System and Optional SAFE Sens Integration

Built-in pH System and Optional SAFE Sens Integration

The user can calibrate the pH meter and measure the media's pH using the MIRI® II-12's built-in pH system.

The most sophisticated non-invasive embryo monitoring system on the market is now possible thanks to the integration of SAFE Sens technology into the Esco MIRI® II-12 incubator. No other technology can provide you with as much real-time knowledge about the growth and culture of your embryos.

Fast Recovery

The quick recovery of temperature and gas characteristics after opening a chamber is a significant advantage when utilizing the MIRI® II-12 multiroom incubator.

Fast recovery - gas
Fast recovery - temperature

Stress-free Validation of Chamber Parameters

For gas and temperature validation, the MIRI® II-12 can be connected to an external device such as the Esco MIRI® GA. The primary circuitry is fully separate from the built-in PT1000 temperature sensors. Additionally, all 6 or 12 chambers have gas sampling ports.

Stress-free Validation of Chamber Parameters
Intuitive Touchscreen Controls

Intuitive Touchscreen Controls

Practitioners of IVF work with priceless, delicate, and sensitive embryos, and frequently, the smallest variables have a significant impact. The large touchscreen display on the MIRI® II-12 is used to concurrently control and monitor crucial parameters, such as temperature and gas concentration, and provide visual and audio alarms to indicate dangerous conditions, signify critical situations and enables users to simultaneously manage and monitor key parameters (temperature, gas concentration, etc.)

It boasts a sizable display that is clear from a distance, and because it is a PC, it is loaded with many capabilities to make life in the lab simpler. There is a possibility to connect an external monitor via an HDMI connector on the back of the unit to see the incubation parameters from a more significant distance. The glass lid tops may also be written on, which is a great organizational function.

User-Friendly and Full-Featured Data Logging System

One computer can control and connect to multiple machines. The machine's real-time parameters can all be simply viewed in the MIRI® II-12’s built-in touchscreen PC. These parameters include every temperature and gas concentration points, as well as the set points for all gas input pressures and flow rates. Graphs are also available for viewing that show all machine performance information, including alerts, which are continuously documented. Weekly reports are also generated automatically by the data logger, making it more user-friendly.

MIRI 2 alarm view
MIRI 2 temperature view
MIRI 2 PH view
MIRI 2 main screen view
Heating optimization plates

Heating Optimization Plates

A heating optimization plate is included in each chamber to help heat transfer directly to the culture dishes. Each chamber contains inserts that suit different-sized dishes.

General Specifications of the MIRI® II-12 Multiroom Incubator

Overall dimensions (W x D x H) 740 x 575 x 215 mm (29.1 x 22.6 x 8.5”)
Net Weight 47 kg  (99.2 lbs)
Material Mild steel / Aluminum / PET / Stainless steel
Power supply 115V 60Hz or 230V 50Hz 
Power consumption 500W
Temperature Control Range 25.0 - 40.0 °C
*CO2 Gas Consumption < 2 liters per hour
**N2 Gas Consumption < 12 liters per hour
CO2 Control Range 3.0% - 10.0%
O2 Control Range 5.0% - 10.0%
Gas Input Pressure 0.4 - 0.6 bar (5.80 - 8.70 PSI)
Shipping weight 57 kg (121.3 lbs) (Including the pallet’s weight)
Shipping dimension 890 x 710 x 480 mm (35 x 28 x 18.9”) (device on the pallet)

* Under normal condition (CO2 set point reached at 6.0%, all lids closed)
** Under normal condition (O2 set point reached at 5.0%, all lids closed)

Ordering Information

MIRI® II-12 Multiroom Incubator
Item Code Model Code Description
2070164 MRI2-12C-8 MIRI® II-12 Incubator with 12 chambers, 230V, 50/60Hz
2070165 MRI2-12C-9 MIRI® II-12 Incubator with 12 chambers, 115V, 50/60Hz
2070166 MRI2-12C-SS-8 MIRI® II-12 Incubator with 12 chambers, with SAFE Sens, 230V, 50/60Hz
2070167 MRI2-12C-SS-9 MIRI® II-12 Incubator with 12 chambers, with SAFE Sens, 115V, 50/60Hz
1320429 MRA2-FD Insert for Falcon® Dishes
1320430 MRA2-ND Insert for Nunc™ Dishes
1320431 MRA2-VD Insert for Vitrolife Dishes
1320432 MRA2-NID Insert for Nipro™ Dishes
1320433 MRA2-LD Insert for LifeGlobal® GPS Dishes
1320436 MRA2-OD Insert for SparMED Oosafe®
1320434 MRA2-PD Insert for Plain Dish
1320417 MRA2-FD-SS Insert for Falcon® Dishes, with hole for SAFE Sens
1320418 MRA2-ND-SS Insert for Nunc™ Dishes, with hole for SAFE Sens
1320419 MRA2-VD-SS Insert for Vitrolife Dishes, with hole for SAFE Sens
1320420 MRA2-NID-SS Insert for Nipro™ Dishes, with hole for SAFE Sens
1320421 MRA2-LD-SS Insert for LifeGlobal® GPS Dishes, with hole for SAFE Sens
1320437 MRA2-OD-SS Insert for SparMED Oosafe®, with hole for SAFE Sens
1320422 MRA2-PD-SS Insert for Plain Dish with hole for SAFE Sens

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