CultureCoin® - Embryo Culture Dish for the MIRI® TL

The Esco Medical CultureCoin® is an IVF culture dish designed specifically for the MIRI® TL. The MIRI® TL is Esco Medical’s time-lapse incubator that captures real-time images of developing embryos which can be viewed as time-lapse videos.The CultureCoin® is a single-use, gamma-sterilized culture dish that has oxygen plasma-treated surfaces for effective prevention of bubble formation. Its ergonomic design makes it easy for embryologists to load a total of 14 embryos while being able to safely and securely handle them inside the incubator. This culture well features a 300µm, optically clear area for embryo placement which is optimized for microscopy.

Animal IVF

For Animal IVF & Consumables


Numbered culture wells (1-14)

Optional Lids

pH reservoir

Flat bottom

Writeable area and lid

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Parts of the CultureCoin®

Parts of the CultureCoin®

General Specifications of the CultureCoin®

Overall dimensions (D x H) ⌀ 71 x 10 mm
Weight 13.8 grams
Material Styrene Methyl Methacrylate (SMMA)
Temperature range 28.7 ‐ 40.0 °C
CO2 Incubation Range 1.9 ‐ 10%
O2 Incubation Range 4.9 ‐ 20.0%
Sterilization method Gamma irradiation
Lifetime 2 years
Biocompatibility tests
  1. Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA) test with thawed 1-cell mouse embryos. Acceptance criteria: at least 80% of embryos developed to the blastocyst stage.
  2. Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) test. Acceptance criteria: < 20 EU/device.

How to use the CultureCoin®

  1. Leave the dishes with the covers on for off-gassing in the aseptic environment for 12 hours (overnight).
  2. Warm the dishes on a heated stage or an incubator before filling them with media.
  3. Fill all the culture wells with approximately 25 µl of precultured equilibrated culture media in an aseptic environment.
  4. Filling of the washing wells is optional. One washing well contains approximately 23 µl of the solution. They can be used for cell manipulations, washing media or replacement media.
  5. Check under a microscope for any visible air bubbles and remove them with a stripper tip. 
  6. Fill the oil area with a confluent layer of suitable mineral or Paraffin oil to cover the culture media. The recommended amount is 6 ml. Do not overfill. 
  7. Put the cover on the dish and leave it for 4 hours of equilibration in the CO2 incubator (humidified incubator is preferable).
  8. Check for air bubbles in the culture wells after the equilibration. Remove any bubbles with a stripper tip. 
  9. Load the embryos in the culture wells. Make sure the embryos are located very precisely in the center of the culturing well and not on the side slope.
  10. Optionally fill the pH well with culture media up to the lowest step (recommended volume – 350 µl) of the pH well and cover it with an oil overlay (recommended volume – 150 µl).
  11. Once done, put the CultureCoin® in the MIRI® TL family’s multiroom IVF incubator.

Ordering Information

Item Code Model Code Description
1320088 MRI-CC CultureCoin® for Time-Lapse of 14 embryos

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