Easy and Accurate Validation Devices for IVF Incubators

Easy and Accurate Validation Devices for IVF Incubators

During embryo culture and in vitro fertilization (IVF) process, it is essential that the incubator runs in a consistent and accurate temperature, gas concentration and pH. Any change to these parameters may cause a drastic effect on the development of the embryo, making incubators a crucial piece in any IVF laboratory.

As one of the leading manufacturers of IVF incubators, Esco Medical ensures that our incubators are also designed to make parameter validation easy and accurately with our high-quality monitoring devices such as MIRI® GA. These are external validation devices that can be connected to any IVF incubators like MIRI® Time-lapse Incubator, MIRI® Multiroom Incubator, and Mini MIRI® Incubator.


MIRI® GA connected to MIRI® Multiroom Incubator

MIRI® GA is used for easy and continuous measuring of gas and temperature. It can be connected up to six incubators and to a logging software that will document parameters and optionally send e-mail alarms. 

Other key features:
o   Constantly validate up to 6 x CO2 / O2 incubators
o   CO2/ O2 incubators Controllable flow rate
o   Gas feedback returns sampled gas to incubator or exhaust
o   Monitor up to 6 x PT1000 sensors
o   6 ports for sequential gas samples

Aside from that, Esco Medical also offers SAFE sens, a continuous pH monitoring technology integrated into our incubators. Learn more

Accurate monitoring of incubators with reliable validation device will not compromise the growth of gametes/embryos resulting to an increase in success rate and boost the confidence and reputation of the fertility clinic