In Denmark, the annual birth is around 60,000 babies. Research suggests that there is a direct correlation between age and fertility. For the past 20 years, data shows that the average age of couples having their first child has increased by two years; with an average age of 30-years old for the mother and above 31 for the father.

Recent studies suggest that as couples aged, they tend to become better parents. This could be due to weaning factors such as being more settled and having found the BALANCE of life. In general, they live a less stressful life, free from the worries of education, and having a better workplace. And of course, a better perspective of LIFE.

Couples are faced with the crucial decision of when to get pregnant. They delay pregnancy to become better providers and better parents to their children. However, they are also at risk of infertility as they grow older. This is truly not an easy choice.

As an Esco Medical employee, I was able to get first-hand insights into the challenges faced by the IVF industry. Hence, we continuously find innovative solutions to realize our goal of helping couples to conceive.

We fully understand this challenge, and therefore we also put a lot of resources in developing the optimum embryo culture incubators and other IVF equipment. We are definitely on the right track as we are proud to announce that we are installing the 1000th MIRI® Multiroom Incubator this June 2017.

Out of the 60,000 babies born in Denmark every year, almost 700 of these babies are fathered by men of over 50 years old. I remembered hearing a man on the radio saying, "Don’t be surprised if you see a man with gray hair carrying a baby. He's probably not the grandfather, but most likely is his own”.

When I looked myself in the mirror, I saw myself as one of them. I asked myself if we got pregnant at the right time? I believe we did when we had our first child 20 years ago. We were one of the "average" young couples back then. In the next few weeks, we'll be expecting a baby boy to join our family. I must say, we belong to the new "standard" of couples conceiving at a late age. But I'm happy to say that the years together has also made us better parents. 

Thankfully, we conceived the baby the natural way. But definitely, our baby is a result of my years of working with the IVF industry. I know the feeling of joy of having a baby, and I want to share this with other couples as well by providing them the best possible tools and solutions in achieving pregnancy. I’m really happy to be part of this industry, and I can't contain my excitement to welcome our baby any day now.


Written by: Jesper Lindhardsen, Sales Director of Esco Medical