We are excited for ASRM!

We are bringing new and exciting products to this year's ASRM annual meeting. Esco Medical is massively expanding its IVF product portfolio to enhance your current IVF workflow routine. Please see us at Booth 1731


Maximum Performance and Controlled Procedures

We believe that the total maximum control of the environment is essential throughout the entire ART system to get better results.  The Semi-Closed Environment (SCE) line was designed so that microscopy and ICSI can be performed in a stable, controlled environment.

Growing MIRI® Incubator Family

Embryo incubation becomes even better with our MIRI® Time-Lapse Incubator and MIRI® Multiroom Incubator with features supporting the Silent Embryo Hypothesis.  This year, we are adding a new member to the family, a Mini MIRI® Incubator to complement those who want to get more with a smaller yet equally powerful unit.

Next Generation Multi-Zone Workstation

The Esco MAW is now even better with its integrated MIRI® incubators to further secure your embryos while inside the workstation.  The MIRI® incubator is popular for its top-notch features such as stabel culture environment and faster parameter recovery.

Automatic Vitrification System

We have made the prototype of this fully automatic vitrification system. You will experience it first hand during the show.  it is for testing and all inputs and ideas gathered shall be used to bring this product to the next stage.