Thank you for seeing us during the ASRM show!

Another successful ASRM event it has been for Esco Medical.

We hope that you enjoyed witnessing the various products that were showcased during the exhibit: MIRI® Time-Lapse IncubatorMIRI® Multiroom IncubatorMini MIRI® IncubatorSemi-Closed Environment (SCE) IVF, and Esco Multi-Zone ART Workstation with built-in MIRI® chambers. 

We are grateful for the overwhelming responses and inputs that we can use as guide as we develop innovative technologies for the IVF industry.  Your commendations boost our confidence once again, which makes Esco Medical an even stronger player in the global IVF community.

On behalf of the Esco Medical team, our sincerest gratitude to you all! We hope that you enjoyed this year’s ASRM as much as we did. We wish that our products have given new hopes and inspiration as we work together in one goal – increasing pregnancy success rates and fulfilling every couple’s dream.