MIRI® II-12 Limited-edition

Esco Medical’s MIRI® II-12 is a “one-chamber-per-patient” kind of multiroom incubator. And a new, limited-edition look has been launched to celebrate our 10th year anniversary.

The multiroom incubators are painted differently from the regular unit and have unique numbering from 1 to 100. The anniversary model has the same functionality as the regular MIRI® II-12 but with a more special color and styling of the front panel.

The chambers of the incubator are completely independent of each other. Any disruption on one chamber (e.g. temperature drop after opening the lid) has zero impact on the rest of the system. The MIRI® II-12 has a touchscreen PC to control and monitor important parameters such as temperature, gas concentration along with simultaneously being able to monitor continuously the pH. The unit has an option of being equipped with a SAFE Sens pH monitoring system.

In summary, these are the key features of the Esco Medical MIRI® II-12 incubator:

  • Heated Lid: Prevents condensation and improves temperature regulation and recovery enhancing uniformity within each chamber.
  • Heated Bottom: Provides direct heat transfer to the culture dishes for stable heat regulation.
  • Built-in pH System and an Optional SAFE Sens Integration: The MIRI® II -12 has a built-in pH system that the user can use to calibrate the pH meter and measure the pH of the media.
  • Multiroom System: The MIRI® II - 12 Multiroom Incubator have multiple independent chambers with very stable environments, allowing embryologist to culture embryos from individual patients in individual chambers.
  • Touchscreen PC Allows user to control and monitor important parameters (temperature, gas concentration) simultaneously and gives visual and audible alarm to signal critical conditions. It has large display that can be easily seen from a distance.
  • Reliable gas mixing system: This allows gas phase flexibility. The gas mixer of MIRI® II - 12 gives total control over CO2 and O2 concentration levels while also giving flexibility over what gas input is desired.
  • Fast Recovery: One important benefit is the speed of recovering temperature and gas parameters after opening a chamber.
  • Stress-free validation of chamber parameters: The MIRI® II - 12 can be connected to an external device such as the Esco MIRI® GA for gas and temperature validation.

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