Esco Dubai hosts time-lapse hands on session

As the world is slowly going back to its normal ways of living, Esco Medical – Dubai quarters held a two-day MIRI® TL workshop for its time-lapse incubator customers. The participants had the opportunity to work with the MIRI® TL time-lapse system during a hands-on session last June 25 – 26, 2021 at the Conrad Hotel Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Morten Kristensen, Application Specialist from Esco Denmark, served as the workshop’s speaker and facilitator. Kristensen discussed the benefits of choosing time-lapse over conventional incubators, dish handling, embryo loading, starting a time-lapse (with the use of the MIRI® TL and MIRI® TL viewer), embryo annotation and selection. A hands-on workshop of the MIRI® TL was later on experienced by every participant making the learning more interactive.
Kristensen discussed the benefits of choosing time-lapse
The time-lapse technology in incubators presents the concept of stable culture conditions, allowing the prospect of continuous, uninterrupted viewing and detailing of the embryo throughout growth and development. This is more precisely programmed and automated documentation of embryo behaviour, plus some metabolic and genetic evaluation tools, are said to contribute to a more accurate embryo selection and ranking.

The MIRI® Time-Lapse Incubator is a multiroom incubator with a built-in camera and microscope. Designed and manufactured in EU, the MIRI® Time-Lapse Incubator provides high quality time-lapse images of embryos developing in "real-time" without having to remove the embryos from the safety of the incubation chamber for manual microscopy. Time-lapse embryo monitoring provides detailed morphokinetic data throughout embryo development, which is not available on routine spot microscopic evaluation. This allows all important events to be observed, helping to identify healthy embryos with the highest probability of implantation, with the aim of achieving higher pregnancy rates.

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