Life has begun during the 8th Congress of the ASPIRE

We successfully took part in showcasing innovative IVF technologies during the 8th Congress of the Asia Pacific Initiative for Reproduction (ASPIRE) held last April 13 -15 at the Taipei International Convention Centre. The event was organized by the ASPIRE and Local Scientific Committee which aimed to impart a great deal of knowledge on significant advancements that will greatly impact the future of reproductive sciences.

Featuring some of our revolutionary technologies in assisted reproduction, we were able to share and promote awareness about fertility innovations which is very essential in developing the value of patient care and improving fertility-related services.

Here are some of the notable highlights during the event

Professionals and students from across the globe have shown interest with the devices displayed during the exhibit including the Fertilisafe  workstation, MIRI® TL Viewer with annotation tool, the prototype of the first open system fully-automated vitrification system, and the Mini MIRI® Incubator.


The Esco Multi-Zone ART Workstation gathered attention from IVF Clinicians and medical professionals, boasting its advanced features.


Researchers and professionals in cryobiology are both curious and excited to know more about the AuVis.


Embryologists are eager to learn more on the next generation of time-lapse system, and the power of annotation tool in facilitating good embryo selection in the MIRI® TL6 Viewer.


Being one of the leading companies in advanced fertility technologies, Esco Medical will keep on innovating towards solutions, software, services, and consumables to serve your needs. We thank you for taking part with us in this successful event and we are looking forward to be a part of your IVF laboratory in the future. See you next time!