Strategic Collaboration Deal Powers MIRI® Time-Lapse Incubators with CHLOE EQ™'s Explainable AI, Improving Standard of Care Over Non-TLI Workflows

Fairtility, the transparent AI innovator powering in vitro fertilization (IVF) for improved outcomes, today announced that Esco Medical has selected CHLOE EQ™ as the AI decision support tool to integrate with its MIRI® Time-Lapse Incubators (TLI). CHLOE EQ™ will provide its transparent AI embryo quality assessment capabilities, enabling explainable AI output to recommend embryos most likely to lead to implantation in an IVF cycle.


The commercial collaboration will provide a joint offering of the MIRI® TLI with CHLOE EQ™ integrated with the MIRI® server. CHLOE EQ™ captures and processes millions of data points per embryo and automatically inputs embryo annotations that are logged into the electronic medical record (EMR). CHLOE EQ™ utilizes this data to provide an embryo quality score, coupled with the biological data and insights to explain the system's data output. CHLOE EQ™'s automated capabilities provide embryologists with previously unachievable data to support consistent and standardized embryo selection decision support.  

"After a rigorous assessment of the available AI support solutions to improve IVF outcomes, it was clear that Fairtility provided the most comprehensive offering," said Dr. Sanjay Bhojwani, Director and Global Head, Sales and Marketing, of Esco Medical. "The transparency of CHLOE EQ™'s analysis maximizes the impact of our time-lapse embryo image capture with AI-driven insights supported by clear biological data. We believe the combination of these two technologies will improve the standard of care through automation and increased transparency for both IVF professionals and patients."

CHLOE EQ™ 's transparent AI allows embryologists to reduce time spent on manual annotation by an average of 33 percent per cycle, resulting in up to a 50 percent increase of availability in fertility clinics. With an increased capacity for IVF cycles per embryologists, IVF clinics can make treatments available to more patients, while reducing embryologist burnout.

"Esco's MIRI® TLI empowered with CHLOE EQ™ can ease the workflow of embryologists, increase accuracy and streamline communication between IVF practitioners, clinic staff and prospective parents.", said Eran Eshed, CEO and Co-Founder of Fairtility. "The operational and clinical efficiency enabled by our complementary technologies is a step forward in meeting the growing demand of family building needs."

Esco Medical, a leading manufacturer of high-quality Assistive Reproductive Technology (ART), selected CHLOE EQ™ to augment the capabilities of its multi-room time-lapse incubator, MIRI® with transparent AI-derived embryo quality assessments. The choice to implement CHLOE EQ™ exclusively is a result of conclusive evidence-based research in the quality and reliability of Fairtility's technology.

About Fairtility

Fairtility is powering in vitro fertilization (IVF) through transparent AI to improve outcomes. Equipping clinicians and their patients with unparalleled visibility into IVF treatment, CHLOE™ (Cultivating Human Life through Optimal Embryos) is the first and only transparent AI-based decision support tool that provides clinicians with the biological data supporting its AI-derived output. Beginning with CHLOE EQ™, a proprietary embryo quality assessment platform, Fairtility is on a path to expand CHLOE™'s application to span the full IVF journey - from infertility cause assessment through transfer optimization. To learn more about Fairtility™ or schedule a demo, visit our website and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Esco Medical is a leading manufacturer and innovator of high-quality equipment such as long-term embryo incubators, ART workstations, Anti-Vibration Table, Time-Lapse incubators and is continuously developing advanced technologies to meet the increasing demand of the IVF industry. Most products are designed in Denmark and manufactured in the EU. Esco Medical is a business unit of the Esco Group, being a global life sciences tools provider in containment, clean air, pharmaceutical, and laboratory equipment technologies with active sales in over 100 countries and direct company offices in the top ten geographical markets. To learn more about Esco Medical, visit our website and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.