Esco Medical Organized a MIRI® TL Workshop in Taiwan

Esco Medical, a global and leading IVF equipment-manufacturing company, has concluded a successful MIRI® Time-Lapse (TL) workshop at the Grand Hotel Taipei in Taiwan, 11th to 12th November 2018. This workshop was a part of a series of similar workshops organized by Esco Medical in different countries, as part of its commitment to improve user experience and clinical outcomes. The workshops provide an opportunity for ART professionals to gain new insights and hands-on experience, under the guidance of highly experienced international trainers.

A group of 38 eager doctors and embryologists attended the program. The event featured international speakers and trainers: Diana Stein (Israel) and Morten Kristensen (Denmark). Diana is an embryologist with over 34 year of experience and is also the IVF lab manager at Laniado Hospital in Israel, whereas Morten is an application specialist with Esco Medical, Denmark.

The first day of the workshop consisted of a series of lectures, where Diana presented the benefits of using time-lapse system versus standard observation and also discussed how embryo cleavage abnormalities affect implantation potential.

During the hands-on session on the second day, participant experienced working with the MIRI® TL under the guidance of Diana (who has extensive experience of using the MIRI® TL in her lab) and Morten. During the workshop, Morten also conducted a training on the proper use and maintenance of the MIRI® TL hardware to ensure smooth and optimal operation.

The participants were also introduced to other Esco products and upcoming innovations that are designed to meet the needs of customers.

The Esco Medical team thanks all who came and participated in the workshop, and hope to see you again at future events!

To find out more about upcoming MIRI® TL workshops, send us an email at [email protected]