Esco Medical conducted a 5-day MIRI® Time-Lapse (TL) workshop at the Holiday Inn Express in Katong

Esco Medical conducted a 5-day MIRI® Time-lapse (TL) workshop at the Holiday Inn Express in Katong - Singapore, from August 27 to August 31, 2018. The workshop was attended by clinicians and embryologists from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

The event featured international speakers from Israel and Denmark: Diana Stein and Morten Kristensen. Diana is an embryologist practicing since 1984, and is also the IVF Laboratory Manager of Laniado Hospital, Israel. She has been using the MIRI® TL since 2014. Morten is an application specialist from Esco Denmark

The workshop was divided into two segments. The first segment featured lectures where Stein and Kristensen discussed the benefits of time-lapse embryo culture, the MIRI® TL incubation system, cleavage abnormalities in human IVF embryos, a comparison of continuous and sequential culture media, embryo selection models and the role of Morphokinetics in embryo selection. The second segment entailed hands-on interactive workshop sessions for the participants, conducted by the two guest speakers.

Diana Stein showing the crowd some photos of embryos taken from the MIRI® TL’s built-in camera.

Q&A session with Morten Kristensen

During the hands-on session, Diana Stein demonstrated the preparation of the culture coin.

Delegates during the hands-on session assisted by Diana Stein.

The MIRI® TL being exhibited during the workshop.

The MIRI® TL workshop was highly appreciated by the participants. Such workshops aim to help IVF clinicians and embryologists to get to know more about time-lapse technology for embryo culture.

Please email us at [email protected] for the schedule of the upcoming MIRI® TL workshops. We look forward to seeing you at the next TL workshop!