Compact yet Powerful IVF Incubator

Compact yet Powerful IVF Incubator
Stable Culture Environment For Your Embryo.

The Mini MIRI® Incubator is built from the strong and reliable MIRI® Multiroom Incubator. It is a humidified incubator that provides safe incubation environment for embryos. 

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Dual Chamber System 
Gas is recirculated inside the chamber to minimize overall consumption.
Ergonomic Design
It has a compact design to save space in your lab and allows faster gas composition and temperature recovery.
Ergonomic Design Mini Miri IVF Incubator
Excellent Quality Control Features
All performance data of the machine are continuously logged and can be viewed in convenient graphs. 
Data Logger
SAFE Sens can also be integrated into the Mini MIRI® for continuous monitoring of pH.
SAFE Sens integrated in Mini Miri IVF Incubator


Ask us how you can make it part of your IVF lab. 
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