MIRI® TL successfully running in Brazil

MIRI® TL successfully running in Brazil

Esco Medical is ecstatic with the first MIRI® TL installation in Brazil at the Fertilidade & Vida Clinic.  Esco Medical is proud that the new MIRI® TL found home with a team of doctors who are strong believers and supporters of the clinical value of time-lapse in embryology. 

The team is headed by Dr. Carlos Petta, Director of Fertilidade & Vida Clinic and is also the head of the Human Reproduction Laboratory at Sírio Libanês Hospital -São Paulo, one of the two largest private hospital in Brazil; and his wife, Dr. Raquel Cossiello,  also an experienced user of time-lapse and a strong believer of this technology for years. 

The power duo believes that the MIRI® TL provides a super incubation environment to the developing embryos. “The embryos are fragile beings. Yes, it is important to see them as they develop for a better selection but we also have to ensure that they grow in a stable and secured environment. MIRI® TL just simply gives us all we need.” says Dr. Petta.

To Spectrun Bio Engenharia Médica Hospitalar – Brazil and to the team behind this success, a warm thank you from Esco Medical.