IVI Santiago de Chile is a proud user of Esco MAW

IVI Santiago de Chile is a proud user of Esco MAW

Figure 1. The 6 feet Esco Multi-Zone ART Workstation attached to a Nikon’s SMZ-800 sterezoom.


One Esco Multi-Zone ART Workstation was recently installed at the IVI Santiago de Chile Clinic by Loncoctec S.A team, Esco’s partner in Chile. The Esco Multi-Zone ART Workstation is a multi-zone workstation with 9+1 heated zones to maintain the desired temperature of the specimen during observation and manipulation outside the incubation environment. “We chose Esco Multi-Zone ART Workstation because each zone is independent of each other, having its own heating elements and sensors that allow for an excellent uniformity across all zones,” said Sebastian Sariego, chief embryologist.

IVI, with headquarters in Valencia, Spain, has a worldwide footprint with 23 clinics spread globally including Europe and the Americas. IVI has numerous specialists who are regarded amongst the foremost practitioners of IVF treatment in the world. The IVI group employs 155 physicians and 1375 medical staff worldwide. Since opening its first clinic in 1990, more than 55,000 children have been born through the IVI network.

From the Esco Medical family, thank you for making us your partner. With Esco Medical, Life has Begun.

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