Shady Grove Fertility purchased 21 units of MIRI®

Shady Grove Fertility purchased 21 units of MIRI®

Photograph by Jeffrey Sauers Commercial Photographics, Inc. Courtesy of Shady Grove Fertility.

The Rockville office is home to Shady Grove Fertility's largest IVF and embryology laboratory, serving patients across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. The Clinic offers IUI, IVF, Donor Egg Treatment, Egg Freezing, OncoFertility, and Andrology Services.

Shady Grove Fertility functions with a team of highly competent IVF experts that enables the center to offer individualized care and consistently exceptional pregnancy rates. These dedicated professionals share a passion for their craft, working together for over 25 years, providing outstanding pregnancy rates, whilst overcoming the most complex infertility issues nationally and worldwide.

Shady Grove Fertility at Towson MD & Chesterbrook PA have been using MIRI® Multiroom Incubators for several years now, and recently has decided to purchase an additional 21 units for their main clinic in Rockville MD. "Our Miris have proven to be easy to operate, definitely seem reliable, stable & trustworthy giving peace of mind to our embryologists. The incubator's high capacity allows good patient culture individualization, while the overall unit is space saving and modern looking compared to more traditional incubators.", say Maria and Patricia, Senior Embryologists at Shady Grove Fertility.

Esco Medical is grateful to have Shady Grove Fertility as our partner in achieving higher pregnancy success rates. With Esco Medical, Life has truly begun.