Multi-Zone ART Workstation Class II

Class II workstation can be utilized in handling gametes and embryos from patients with communicable diseases while providing sample, user and environmental protection. It has multiple heating zones that enable precise temperature control across the work surface, with provision of a built-in microscope and integrated MIRI® chambers.

Key Features:

  • Biological safety cabinet Class II which provides protection for the embryos, gametes, embryologists, and environment.

  • Multiple heating zones for a uniform temperature across the work zones, each with its own heating elements and sensors, with no crossover heating across zones.

  • The heated glass stage has a dedicated and uninterrupted power supply to further ensure temperature control and recovery.

  • You can turn on all zones, turn off the right zones, turn off the right and middle zones or all zones are turned off.

  • Provision to integrate most popular stereo and inverted microscopes.

  • Dual energy efficient DC ECM motor resulting to a more stable airflow that is unaffected by voltage fluctuations and filter loading. Standby mode to further reduce power consumption by 60%

  • Fully functional touchscreen Windows PC provides real-time information on all work area parameters e.g. zone temperature performance, gas pressure and flow rate.

  • The Multi-Zone ART Workstation Class II have integrated MIRI® chambers to further secure the embryos while being inside the workstation.

  • Operates with an LED lamp

  • H14 filter with efficiency of 99.999%

  • Optional U15 Filter with efficiency of 99.9999% (10x filtration efficiency of H14 filter)

The Esco Lifesciences Group