CultureCoin® - Embryo Culture Dish for the MIRI® TL

The Esco Medical CultureCoin® is an IVF culture dish designed specifically for the MIRI® TL. The MIRI® TL is Esco Medical's time-lapse incubator that captures real-time images of developing embryos which can be viewed as time-lapse videos.The CultureCoin® is a single-use, gamma-sterilized culture dish that has oxygen plasma-treated surfaces for effective prevention of bubble formation. Its ergonomic design makes it easy for embryologists to load a total of 14 embryos while being able to safely and securely handle them inside the incubator. This culture well features a 300µ, optically clear area for embryo placement which is optimized for microscopy.

Key Features:

  • The numbered culture wells make it possible for the easy location of each culture well and embryo placement by the user. Each culture well has two wash wells used for cell manipulations, washing, or replacing culture media.

  • The user can opt to have a mounted lid located inside the circumference of the dish covering the culture area completely or a full cover for the entire IVF culture dish.

  • A reservoir located outside of the embryo culture zone for spot pH measuring without affecting the cultured samples.

  • The flat bottom design makes it ideal for consistent temperature transfer from the heated bottom which is very important for IVF culture systems as any deviation from the desired temperature set points will result to poor embryo development.

  • Writeable areas on the IVF culture dish allow for easy identification of embryos belonging to the patient

Parts of the CultureCoin®

CultureCoin® Specifications

Technical Specifications


Overall dimensions

⌀ 71 x 10 mm

Weight empty

0.5 gram


Styrolution PS 158N

Temperature range

25 ‐ 40 °C

CO2 range

1.9 ‐ 10%

O2 range

2.0 ‐ 4.9%

Sterilization method

Gamma beam


1 year

Toxicity tested

Embryo toxicity tested with thawed 1 cell mouse embryos. Expanded Blastocyst rate on the culture dish after 96 hours > 80 % (n=150)0.6 bar (8.70 PSI)

How to use the CultureCoin®

  1. Unpack the IVF culture dish inside a workstation or laminar flow hood to provide an aseptic environment.
  2. Leave the dishes inside the workstation with lids on for off-gassing for 12 hours.
  3. Pre-warm the dishes on a heated stage or inside a CO2 incubator prior to filling with pre-equilibrated media.
  4. Start filling all culture wells with approximately 25µL of pre-equilibrated IVF culture media in the workstation. The user also has an option to fill the wash wells with approximately 23µL of culture media.
  5. Immediately fill the culture area with a layer of suitable mineral or paraffin oil. Do not overfill.
  6. Check for any visible air bubbles under the microscope and remove them with a stripper tip.
  7. Put the lid on the culture dish and equilibrate for 4 hours inside a CO2 incubator.
  8. Check the culture area again for air bubbles after equilibration. Remove any bubbles with a stripper tip.
  9. Load embryos in the culture wells. Make sure to place the embryos very precisely at the center of the culture well and not on the side of the slope.
  10. Incubate the CultureCoin® containing the embryos in the MIRI® TL.


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