MIRI® TL raised hopes of an IVF clinic in Dresden, Germany

MIRI® TL raised hopes of an IVF clinic in Dresden, Germany

Kinderwunschzentrum Dresden Praxisklinik Dr. med. H. J. Held was founded in 1998 by Dr. med Hans-Jürgen Held. It is located in the center of the Saxon capital of Dresden on the Prager Str. In the "Wöhrl-Plaza.

The clinic specializes in IVF treatment where they offer the entire spectrum of modern reproductive medicine. 

“Since January 2018, we are using a MIRI® TL incubator at the Kinderwunschzentrum Dresden, Germany. After a few months, it can be said that this additional functionality & service (in terms of embryo morphokinetics & annotations for selection of the best embryo for transfer) in the lab is of great interest to the patients. From a biologist’s point of view, we are pleasantly surprised at how much new information we receive about early embryonic development. As a result, several additional embryo evaluation criteria are available to us.

The operation of the device is extremely simple, the image quality is very good and a comfortable evaluation software completes the whole thing. A solid statement about the success rate (in terms of increased pregnancy rates etc.) cannot be made in such a short time, but the first impression has definitely raised the hopes.” – Dr. Bernd Junkersdorf, Lab Director and Embryologist, Kinderwunschzentrum Dresden Praxisklinik Dr. med. H. J. Held, Dresden, Germany

From left to right:  Ms. Lisa Baldauf, M.Sc. Biologist & Embryologist and Mr. Dr. Bernd Junkersdorf, Lab Director and Embryologist

Since its founding, more than 40,000 patients have gone into their treatment, among whom have become happy parents in more than 12,000 cases. 

In 2000, the IVF Clinic Dr. med. Held is the first Saxon IVF center certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Since then, our quality management system has been constantly optimized, ensuring the highest possible standard of the therapies offered.