Ivory Coast Clinic uses the MIRI® GA for incubator validation

Clinique PROCRÉA - Abidjan, the largest and most-trusted IVF center in Ivory Coast, West Africa, is addressing infertility in the region through the help of the newly acquired MIRI® Multiroom Incubator to increase their capacity to meet the growing demands. 


Clinique PROCRÉA chose the MIRI® Incubator because of its good reputation among other IVF Clinics. “The MIRI® is an incredible incubator, and it simply has it all. We have observed a better morphology of the embryos and a higher rate of blastulation, probably because the embryos are less stressed as compared to a box incubator. We can attribute that to the MIRI® having small, individual chambers that allow for faster recovery of gas concentration and temperature”, explains Dr. Myriam Kadio-Morokro Epse Brou, owner of Clinique PROCREA, on why they chose the MIRI®  incubator.

Dr. Robalé Gilles Stéphane, Laboratory Manager of Clinique PROCREA, is happy to receive the new MIRI® Incubator in their laboratory.


The said IVF Clinic is also happy with the MIRI® GA, a gas and temperature validation device, which is attached to the MIRI®  incubator for continuous validation of the parameters. It has always been emphasized by the clinic the importance of having a consistent, stable environment for the embryos.


To Clinique PROCRÉA, thank you for choosing Esco Medical to be your reliable partner.


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